Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Prithviraj arrives to compete with Anushka

Following the success of horror and supernatural flicks Yaavarum Nalam and Arundhathee released on Fridays, a film based on black magic releases this weekend to complete the horror hat trick for Kollywood. Titled Sivapuram, the film is the dubbed version of the 2005 Malayalam hit Ananthabhadram starring Prithviraj, directed and cinematographed by Santhosh Sivan.

The film is set in the mysterious village of Sivapuram where superstitions and black magic make the air heavy. People fear to venture out after dark lest they run into the restless spirits and the vicious magician who carries out his dark rituals at night. A youngster returns from USA to his native village to fulfill the last wish of his mother, to light a lamp at the ancient temple in the village. But, it is not as easy as it looks. The magician has been watching over the temple for years, awaiting the return of the heir. He has deep and deadly motives and he covets the mythical gemstone guarded by a serpent deep in the caves of the village, which can be unearthed only by the heiress of the guardian family.

The highlights of the film include a stupendous performance by Manoj K Jayan appearing as the black magician, he got a few awards for the role, director Santhosh Sivan’s wizardry with the camera and Prithviraj’s presence. The cast is full of other actors who are very familiar to Tamil audiences like Kavya Madhavan, Cochin Haneefa, Kalabhavan Mani, Riya Sen and Revathi. This should be able to negate the dubbed film feel to a large extent. Let’s wait and watch if the hat trick horror release can translate into hat trick box office successes.

Besides Sivapuram, another film based again on black magic has been dubbed to Tamil from Malayalam. Titled Tanthiran, it was released originally in 2007 and the dubbed version will be out soon. Looks like this summer will be a horror fest for Kollywood.

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