Friday, May 29, 2009

Prithviraj in I Have A Dream

Pradeep Nair of Oridam fame is back with a new subject and new characters. His new movie titled I Have A Dream with Prithviraj as the lead hero is evocative of a historical legend and its associated myths. However the director claims to showcase a thriller which will be based on Martin Luther King's famous historical speech along those lines.

Buzz up!
His debut venture Oridam had won rave reviews at many Festivals and other cultural meets. The filmmaker is trying on the garb of versatility by indulging in a wide variety of themes. If Oridam with Geethu Mohandas in the lead role addressed the concerns of the street prostitutes, then I Have A Dream will make a difference with its historical threads. This movie will have two heroines and they are yet to be decided.

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