Sunday, January 22, 2012

Prithvi will act in Mumbai Police

Have you replaced ousted Prithviraj in your forthcoming film ‘Mumbai Police'?

Contrary to what has appeared in a section of the media, I haven't replaced Prithviraj in ‘Mumbai Police' and he has not opted out of it. We have launched the project with him in the lead and we will start working on the dates after the release of ‘Casanovva.' Prithviraj and I share a great friendship and he was in fact the first person to text me saying how much he loved the trailer of ‘Casanovva.' Talking about ‘Mumbai Police,' the rights of the film has already been sold in four languages and that's even before scenarists Bobby and Sanjay completed the script! A big star outside Malayalam has shown interest in working in ‘Mumbai Police.' It can also be made with fresh faces in the lead, but Prithviraj certainly remains our first priority.


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