Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Revathy to rock as Molly Aunty

Mollywood, in keeping with the new trend of strong female protagonists will have Revathy playing the protagonists in Ranjith Sankar's upcoming film Molly Aunty Rocks. The film also stars Prithviraj.

"It is a challenging role because it deals with a lot of pertinent issues facing middle-aged women. Also, it gives me a chance to act in a comedy after a long time, considering its light and fun take," says Revathy, whose last comic role in Mollywood was the 1991 blockbuster Kilukkam.

She also tells us why she's been inactive on the acting front. "Basically, most of the roles that come my way are boring. In Indian cinema, it is very rare that roles are scripted for middle-aged women. So, that's another reason why I'm doing the film as Ranjith had the courage to make a movie with such a woman as the central character," she says.

About the plot of the film, director Ranjith says, "It's a story about a strong-willed woman and stubborn young man who meet on a professional level and the resulting clashes of their inflated egos. It's a breezy, colourful movie that basically explores the chemistry between them."

The film also has three quirky-titled songs Molly Anthem, Molly Cool and Molly Locked composed by debutant Anand Madhusoodhanan.

via http://articles.timesofindia.indiatimes.com/2012-06-04/news-and-interviews/32007531_1_revathy-mollywood-middle-aged-women

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